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By Richard Shulman



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New Release

bliss-of-being-coverWe are proud to present Bliss of Being with The Pure Heart Ensemble

Deeply relaxing and expansive music to dive into for your natural inner alignment.

“A divinely-inspired and spiritually transformational piece of music.”
Jenny Smiechowski, NEW AGE JOURNAL


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camelot-cover“Prepare to dive into the imagination with this symphonic journey of dreams from composer Richard Shulman – helping the listener to feel empowered, loved and relaxed, like they just completed an awesome adventure in the land of Camelot.”

The aptly titled ‘Bliss of Being’ makes you glad to be alive. It lulls you into a state of peace and serenity with its skillfully woven melodies composed of a delicate balance of piano, vocals, cello, and flute.

The Pure Heart Ensemble, which is a collaboration between Richard Shulman, Kate Steinbeck, Dielle Ciesco, Adriana Contino, and Bob Hinkle, has crafted a soulful and resonant album that evokes a state of contemplation and restoration. It transports you into that rare mental place where both outer and inner disturbances melt away and all you are left with is the stillness of your own mind…

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